We are a Freelance Professional Application Developer Team

We have 10 years+ of application development experience. As a team, we work together to ensure your technology is built sophisticated and free of bugs.

We can help or assist you in website development, mobile application development, back-end APIs and web-services, server deployments, database development, optimization and security.

We follow simple 5-step project management standards, so you are updated at each stage of the project: discuss, analyze, build, test and deliver


We can help you to reach your goals on time and within budget. We take experienced measures to decrease your cost and give you technology that is sustainable, and we continue to support you after launch to ensure the quality of your product.

Right Person For Right Job

When we take your project we divide it into components and then the roles are divided amongst multiple resources. Then the person expert for front-end performs his task and the person expert in back-end execute his side of work.

Modern Technologies

We strive to deliver you the best possible solution and help you to develop your applications in:

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP),
  • MERN (Mongo, Express, React and NodeJS) and
  • Native Mobile Applications using Flutter or Native Development

Pre-built Solutions

We also love using pre-built solutions, wherever possible to cut down costs and time. These solutions at times make more sense than reinventing the wheel. Some of such examples are:

  • WordPress (for blogs, small to medium agencies and stores) and
  • Magento (for medium to large e-commerce solutions).

Convinced? Lets Get In Touch

Discussion can help you in effective planning and executing your goals.


Ecommerce Sollutions

We can help you build E-Commerce solutions using WooCommerce or Shopify for small to medium stores and Magento for medium to large stores.

Web Development

For back-end technologies we prefer PHP and NodeJS. On front-end we prefer React, but we also use classical HTML, CSS or jQuery depending on the needs of the project.

Mobile Apps

We can also help you develop native mobile apps in most cost effective way. We use one technology to develop apps for both platforms Android and IOS. And in this technology stack we prefer Flutter, which is a dart language framework from google to develop Native Mobile Apps.

Outsourcing Partners

We are open to discuss and share the possibilities of partnering with company, agency or individual based on shared profits or fixed percentages.

Have a project for us? Call us now!

+92 300 5524 904

+92 300 5524 904

Have a project for us?
Call us now!

Imran Zahoor

Founder, Consultant Software Engineer & Freelancer

Imran has built an extensive career with 10+ years of programming and network infrastructure experience combined with Masters and Bachelors degrees in Computer Science.

His core competencies include: LAMP stack, API Development, Web Development, Servers, Databases and Security. He also has experience with JavaScript and Frontend development. Imran’s love for development and extensive experience makes him the perfect leader for ProAppDev’s highly experienced team of developers.

+92 300 5524 904

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