On this site you are able to connect with and find local animal lovers. You can post your photos, tell us all about your pet, find other pets, and even set up doggy dates. We are developing our Mobile Application and this will allow you to do all this and more, Features include: finding other My Red Chicken members while they may be in the same park so you can set up and meet up for a doggy date. Find your pet via GPS location and their My Red Chicken Dog Tracker. SMS your friends while in the Dog Park so you can meet up for a date and much more.



The website was completely redesigned based on a purchased social media script named as WoWonder.

Script Customization

There were number of features on this custom PHP social media script that required changes with respect to functionality and adding new features too. We successfully delivered them all within the specified time.

Android App Themeing and Bug Fixes

We also purchased android app that comes with the WoWonder app for the Timeline. We changed complete look and feel of the app to make it look closer to our website. Along with that we also fixed number of small bugs that we noticed in the app for instance registration screen wasn’t having any background image. Along with that we made small customizations like we imposed portrait mode on initial screens which are First Screen, Registration, Password Recovery and Login Screens.

WoWonder Social Media Script

We can now make use and customize this script to make social media applications with very little amount of time. And we can take this script to next level by introducing optimizations in its database schema and can customize it as per needs of the users.


Custom PHP
Database and SQL
Web Design
Android App
Days of Work